Address Range Anxiety Cost-Effectively for Auto OEMs & Suppliers

OEMs/Tier Suppliers

Integrate with our multi-award winning range extension solution, which has lower cost and carbon footprint to adding batteries.
Why work with us?

Fuel Saving

Internal testing shows that the diesel version of Co-Pilot is ~10.8% more fuel efficient than the average driver.

This can already 2.5x-4.5x logistics operators' margins, which can in turns increase your sales.

Range Extension

Through optimal regenerative braking strategy, Co-Pilot can extend EV range by up to 30% with just a low cost, low power camera based device.

Our energy optimal algorithms have won multiple awards including Innovate UK and Niche Vehicle Network grants.


Join our vision of automating zero emission commercial vehicles for warehouse-to-warehouse delivery up to SAE Level-4 autonomy.

This does not require a driver's supervision and vehicles could operate at a higher utilisation, making eHGVs a viable solution for UK auto industry to meet net zero

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