Our Mission

Hypermile’s mission is to make transportation more agile, sustainable and practical by automating the boring parts.

Our vision is to eventually automate warehouse-to-warehouse delivery, which will allow us to use fewer trucks and reduce overall environmental footprint.

The Company

Hypermile is backed by leading Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator, who were the first investors in Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox, Cruise.

We have won a number of grants including Innovate UK and the EU Commission’s Horizon 2020, and collaborate with industry bodies including CCAV and Zenzic.

Grant Partners


Industry Partners

Our Team

Hypermile’s co-founders have PhDs/advanced degrees from Oxford and UCL, have written best-selling ML textbooks, and led ML and computer vision teams at companies such as Mudano (acquired by Accenture) and Pupil.

We have a world-class team including engineers which have built industrial R&D technologies, having previously worked on autonomous vehicles, computer vision and semiconductors at the below companies.

A selection of companies where our team has previously worked at:

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