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Hypermile Co-Pilot is an AI Driver Assist that understands the context of the road ahead and controls the vehicle speed efficiently and safely

Efficient Speed Control

AI cruise control to reduce fuel consumption


Energy Saving

Across Diesel and Electric Trucks


  • Easy-to-install into existing fleets

  • No further homologation required

  • Does not affect vehicle safety systems


  • Forward collision warnings

  • Lane departure warnings

  • Bridge strike & speeding warnings


  • Minimise aggressive driving

  • Reduce vehicle wear & tear

  • Extend tyre lifespan

Fleet Management Platform

Our web platform allows you to monitor the fuel economy of your fleet, play back video of any incidents and set targets for your vehicles.


Logistics Operators

We lease our camera-based hardware to logistics fleets and retrofit them to their existing trucks.

We have a hardware-as-a-service model where for a annual fee we lease hardware, give access to our fleet management platform and take care of installation and maintenance.

OEMs & Suppliers

We license the Hypermile Co-Pilot software to vehicle manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers so that their new vehicles can take advantage of our AI technology to save fuel and extend the

We additionally offer Lane Keep Assist and Automated Lane Keeping software to these customers.

We're Hypermile

Hypermile was founded in 2020 and is backed by leading Silicon Valley investors such as
Y Combinator and Greg Brockman (OpenAI).

The team are AI and automotive experts, having previously studied at leading universities and worked at top tech and automotive companies.

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