Fuel Savings and Range Extension for Trucks

Co-Pilot Overview

  • Co-Pilot is our AI solution designed to save fuel / extend range for commercial vehicles. Our AI algorithms runs on low-cost camera-based device to determine energy efficient vehicle manoeuvres in real time.

  • Leveraging Computer Vision (AI), we are able to unlock additional fuel savings compared to existing solutions. For example, compared to stock ACC, Co-Pilot shows a 54% improvement in fuel efficiency during cut-ins scenarios.

  • In addition to fuel/energy saving, Co-Pilot also improves driver safety. We monitor journeys not just for accidents but also for near misses, identifying which routes are most dangerous.

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Onboard AI

Our advanced AI algorithms run in real-time on low power processing units. Unlike other products, our machine learning models enables Co-Pilot to improve as you drive.

Energy Optimal

Currently, Co-Pilot can reduce fuel consumption by ~10.8% (constantly improving). This is a considerable benefit given fuel is a third of all logistics costs for ICE-based vehicles.

Improved Safety

Driver monitoring, via driver-facing camera, reduces likelihood of an accident by 60% (all GDPR compliant).

Vehicle Agnostic

Co-Pilot is retrofittable and can be deployed as pre or post-market solution. Moreover, Co-Pilot can operate alongside other telematics devices and ADAS.

Our Customers

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