Energy Efficient ADAS

  • Dash-mounted device with forward and driver-facing cameras
  • AI runs real-time on device, enabling Level-2 autonomous driving
  • Hardware assists driver to steer, throttle, brake safely and efficiently
  • Optimised for commercial vehicles (eg HGVs)

Optimised Scenario Handling

  • Our AI predicts other road users' driving intent
  • Makes energy efficient maneuvers
  • Saves fuel on diesel vehicles
  • Extends range of electric vehicles
  • Improves road safety
Hypermile's CoPilot is optimised for handling scenarios such as anticipating merge intent from other vehicle agents



We are vehicle platform agnostic so can fit to any commercial vehicle (such as LCVs or HGVs) and can work alongside other dash mounted devices (e.g. telematics)

Energy Efficient

Save 10.8% on fuel costs per year, a considerable benefit given fuel is a third of all logistics costs for ICE-based vehicles.

Extend EV range by 10%-30%, removing range anxiety, increasing your sales. 

Onboard AI

Our advanced AI algorithms run in real-time on low power processing units, thus our ADAS product is constantly being optimised the more you drive.


We are always building with ISO-26262 compliance in mind, writing MISRA-C compliant code.


Partnership Options for Logistics Operators, OEMs or Tiered Suppliers
1. Deploy Co-Pilot on your existing truck/HGV fleet:
  • Obtain early access to our Level 2 AI ADAS to gain cost advantages
  • Save 10.8% on fuel costs per year and reduce diesel truck emissions
  • Extend the range of your zero emission vehicles by up to 30%
2. Logistics OS (LOS) Telematics:
  • Join our customers with Logistics OS (LOS) as a "most-in-one" product
  • LOS includes: DVR Dash Cameras, Lane Departure Warning, Telematics and may more
  • Use our AI to analyse your driving for fuel effiency


Hypermile’s co-founders have PhDs/advanced degrees from Oxford and UCL, have written best-selling ML textbooks, and led ML and computer vision teams at companies such as Mudano (acquired by Accenture) and Pupil.

We have a world-class team including engineers which have built industrial R&D technologies, having previously worked on autonomous vehicles, computer vision and semiconductors at the below companies.

A selection of companies where our team has previously worked at:


Hypermile is backed by leading Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator, who were the first investors in Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox, Cruise.

We have won a number of grants including Innovate UK and the EU Commission’s Horizon 2020, and collaborate with industry bodies including CCAV and Zenzic.

Grant Partners

Accelerator Partners

Industry Partners


Join our mission to make commercial vehicles safer, greener and energy efficient.

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